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Development History

The company is developed in four phases: Pioneering, starting, climbing, and great development.
(1) Pioneering (September 2007-July 2010): The company, established in September 2007, constructed a production line of galvanizing steel plate with annual capacity of 20,000 tons and length of 9,050 mm in the difficult process of starting business. With the commissioning in May 2008, the company developed the clients, and occupied the market. In August 2009, the company established a color coating plate production line with annual capacity of 10,000 tons and length of 1,250 mm, laying a solid foundation for the company’s smooth development.
(2) Starting (August 2010-July 2013): Construct a 500,000 T Cold Rolling Steel Plate Project and an 1 Million T Acid Pickling Project, realize one-stop production of rolling, metal plating and coating, expand value-added space, and rank first in total capacity and scale in the industry. The company is expected to own 700 employees, create a provincial famous brand, and achieve total asset of RMB 800 million in this phase.
(3) Climbing (August 2013-July 2018): Guided by technology, the company is expected to adopt unconventional and leaping development pattern, and realize the double expansion of scale and market. Meanwhile, it will construct cold rolling steel plate project with capacity of 2 million tons, pickled sheet steel project with capacity of 2 million tons, galvanizing steel plates project with capacity of 1.4 million tons, and color coating plate project with capacity of 600,000 tons, becoming a national production base of mechanical & electrical products and plates and a national quality brand. In this phase, the company will achieve total assets of over RMB 2 billion, and own more than 2,200 employees.
(4) Great Development: The Company plans to double overall size, become the best sheet material processing enterprise in Guan County, and realize 15 years of historic change before 2021. In this phase, it will focus on building an international brand, and achieve 75% of export rate, becoming one of China’s important large industrial enterprises with total assets of RMB 5 billion, and 5,000 workers.